Consulting, Etc.

Slow Hand Farm is Josh Volk. I've been working with small growers, consulting, teaching, writing articles, building tools and trying to help out under the name Slow Hand Farm since 2008.

Check the following pages of this website for more details. I've gotten pretty busy recently, but I try to answer as many requests as possible.

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For the 2016 season I'm finally getting back to urban agriculture, what I started with 20 years ago. This season I'm working with my friend Matt at Cully Neighborhood Farm and doing a little of my own produciton on the side, just down the street.

From 2009 to 2012 Slow Hand Farm was a very small farm growing unique, locally adapted vegetables with exceptional flavor for individual sized CSA shares. That CSA became on of the starting pieces of Our Table where I set up the initial vegetable production systems.

Web Resources

I have a site for sharing what I know about food production at The old blog posts and links page from this site are going up there, as well new blog posts, q&a's, and reviews.

I've also occasionally work on developing tools for small farms and some of those designs are available at